Poorly Dressed


Godwin's Legwarmers

hitler legwarmers socks - 5046899712
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Otterly Adorable Socks

poorly dressed socks cute - 8434272768
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For the Cat-Loving Hipster

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Excuse Me, Your Tendons Are Showing

gross muscle socks - 6349709824
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They Never Look as Good in Real Life

poorly dressed socks - 8413836800
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Watch Out, We Have a Badass Over Here

socks feet - 7150998784
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Now Your Cat Might Actually Have a Reason to Attack Your Socks

Cats poorly dressed socks - 8364257280
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Human Sockipede

wtf socks face mask funny - 7438317056
By Unknown

Wear With Sandals For Maximum Effect

poorly dressed socks sandals - 8110240256
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Even Superman needed a backpack in high school

backpacks capes socks - 5589865984
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PSA of the Day: Stop the Insanity

socks psa sandals - 7779486976
By Unknown

Were These Really the Only Socks in My Size?

dogs poorly dressed socks g rated - 8405176576
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Do YOU Have a Special Sock?

socks dogs - 6741673472
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Get the Look in One Easy Step

poorly dressed socks sandals g rated - 8368342784
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Anyone Care for Some... Tardis Socks?!

doctor who socks tardis - 6554336768
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2001: A Space Laundry

socks - 7360973824
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