Poorly Dressed


Excuse Me, Your Tendons Are Showing

gross muscle socks - 6349709824
Created by Unknown

What a Coincidence!

poorly dressed socks how i met your mother sweater matching - 8440649216
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What a Coincidence!

hate poorly dressed socks - 8397604352
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Wear With Sandals For Maximum Effect

poorly dressed socks sandals - 8110240256
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Remember When Library Books Still Had Cards Like This?

poorly dressed socks library g rated - 8394052096
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Watch Out, We Have a Badass Over Here

socks feet - 7150998784
Created by Unknown

Were These Really the Only Socks in My Size?

dogs poorly dressed socks g rated - 8405176576
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I Give These Socks My Seal of Approval

poorly dressed socks cute - 8436373504
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Fancy Socks and Sandals Don't Make This Look Okay

poorly dressed socks sandals socks and sandals - 8267377152
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Live Long and Prosper in These Spocks!

socks Spock Star Trek - 7093348352
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Sock it To Me

socks mismatched - 6738312960
Created by Unknown

Socks, For Your Torso

fashion FAIL signs socks - 7957647104
Created by jsfh2014 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Yes, This IS What I'm Wearing...

fanny pack poorly dressed socks sandals dating - 8160733440
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The Doughiest Feet

socks funny poorly dressed g rated - 7649627648
Created by Unknown

THOCKS! Thong-Socks

crochet socks thongs - 6745436672
Created by Unknown

I'd Put it On a T-Shirt, But I Don't Even Want People Looking at Me

poorly dressed socks g rated - 8403271680
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