Poorly Dressed


Now That's What I Call Fashion!

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By Unknown

Perfect For Identifying Tourists

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By wibsey101 (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Gotham's Prettiest Superhero

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By Unknown

Pink Leather is So Suitable

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By Unknown

That's Probably Why They Were On Sale

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By UrbanDrawer (Via The Gentleman's Armchair)

Some Cheetah's Watching You

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By Unknown

Looks Like Someone Else is Happy to Score in the 5-Hole Too

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By Unknown

Suddenly it all makes sense! Global Warming makes the world sexier!

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By Unknown

Oh just doing some yoga in an awesome Christmas sweater, that's all

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By scottammons

Just Toss Some Dictionary Pages on That Shirt, That'll Do

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Via Reddit

Another Chilling Reminder of My Mortality. And of Terrible Shirts.

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By Unknown

Fashionable AND Waterproof

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By beernbiccies

How To Dress Like Vintage Nancy Drew

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Via detectiveworkisalwaysinstyle
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13 Photos That Perfectly Capture Music Festival Fashion

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No Thanks, I'll Just Take the Drawstring Garbage Bag

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By jeeponess

2001 Was a Rough Year for America

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By Unknown