Poorly Dressed


Grandma's On Her Game

fashion grandma - 7997418752
By Unknown

The Circle of Fashion Revealed

fashion shoes - 7990233600
By Unknown

As it Turns Out, a Wine Dress Just Looks Like a Flesh Dress!

dress fashion gross weird what wine - 6444082432
Via Laughing Squid

Not Boat Shoes, Shoes that Look Like Boats. Difference.

color vomit fashion shoes style ugly urban outfitters what - 6376527360
By Unknown

This Hat Needs an Anatomy Lesson

fashion bewbs hat - 7888575744
By Unknown

He's Looking to Get Abducted First

Aliens fashion poorly dressed - 7997423360
By Unknown
fashion fedora tutorial Video poorly dressed - 57815041

The Only Fedora Trick Tutorial You'll Ever Need to Watch

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To Chatroulette We Go!

eyeball fashion High Fashion model - 6321721344
By Unknown

How To Step-Up Your Uggs

fashion boots uggs shoes - 7896652544
By fxbx

Mission Accomplished!

cross dressing fashion internet - 6189464832
By Unknown

Swim Fast, Die Young

fashion bathing suit thug life - 7907979776
By Unknown

The Official American Athletes Uniform

fashion fast food - 7816882176
By Unknown

This Girl Has Really Made Her Box a Meal

fashion food DIY taco bell poorly dressed g rated - 8015773440
By Unknown

Don't You Just Hate Wardrobe Disasters Like This?

Via Acid Cow

Who Eats Flamingos?

fashion wtf funny - 7679429120
By randall.w.peek

Oh Hello, I Didn't See You There, I was Just Turning This Water into Wine

fashion sexy times jesus wine - 7983120384
By Unknown
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