Poorly Dressed


So Everyone Will Know Why You're Not Paying Attention To Them

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The 90's Answer to Skinny Jeans

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Not Boat Shoes, Shoes that Look Like Boats. Difference.

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Fedora: What You Think You Look Like

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That's Not Keeping Anyone's Tuchas Warm

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Nothing Says "Thankful Grandma" Like This Gold Embroidered Turkey Sweater

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From Couch-Blanket to Sweater!

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Running Topless Across The Disaster

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Your Perfect Thanksgivukkah Sweater

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This Girl Has Really Made Her Box a Meal

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Haribo Chic

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Fashion Is A Terminal Illness

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The Threat Wasn't Empty

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Ohh Emm Gee, Is That Real?!

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I Can Has Cheezburger?: The Ultimate in Fashion for Those With Impeccable Taste

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High Heel Sneakers: Missing the Point 101

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