Poorly Dressed


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Totally Looks Like: Grammy Edition

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Fedora: What You Think You Look Like

fashion fedora hats - 7899866624
By Unknown

The Other Other Marx Brother

fashion plaid - 6185834496
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Accidentally Dressing Like a Popsicle is Not as Cool as it is Punny

funny fail image woman accidentally dresses exactly like popsicle
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Elijah Wood Doesn't Understand Your Photoshoot

animals fashion g rated Hall of Fame pets photoshoot poorly dressed - 5531732992
By Unknown

Whoa, That's a Lot of 3D Dreidels on a Sweater

fashion FAIL ugly sweater hanukkah - 7925868800
By Unknown

Witchcraft Would Have Been Equal Rights in Those Marriages

fashion twitter lipstick poorly dressed g rated - 8013347840
By Unknown

Going to the Mall With Your Mom Can Be Embarrassing

fashion shopping mask parenting - 7845963008
By Unknown

Please Ladies, Contain yourselves

fashion wtf v neck - 7997443840
By Unknown

Preparing to Run From the Bride?

fashion formal socks tux - 6432043520
By Unknown

If You Stand Still Long Enough, People Will Start Putting Presents By Your Feet

fashion christmas sweater - 7962136832
By Unknown

Cute Heels Are Always a +2 to Your Charisma (When Not Moving)

shoes fashion comic high heels poorly dressed g rated - 8002127360
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Wearing This Shirt Means You'll Always Be Right

fashion club new york - 7841529856
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Excellent, Now Please Erase the Whiteboard

fashion hair hat sharpie what - 6377431040
By insectpins

You + Pizza = OTP Necklace

fashion necklaces Jewelry pizza - 7921456896
By Unknown

The Most Geometric of Coifs

fashion geometry hair High Fashion - 6472997888
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