Poorly Dressed

Good Concept, Terrible Execution

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Implying that bald men have no delight possibly?

fashion g rated hair products - 5559201792
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I Like The Pain, The Darkness, And The Sissy Ribbons

Hall of Fame piercings - 5877770752
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This Dog's Facial Hair is Better Than Your Facial Hair

dogs facial hair poorly dressed - 8210071040
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You Know You Wear Too Much Makeup When...

makeup poorly dressed g rated - 8322281984
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Dressed to WIN: Classy British Gents

classy dressed to win - 6470487040
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Were These Really the Only Socks in My Size?

dogs poorly dressed socks g rated - 8405176576
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Cute Kid You've Got There

goat fanny pack kid poorly dressed g rated - 7685776128
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No Expense Spared

dollar bills haircut money piercings wtf - 4658832384
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They're Skin Colored! ...oh wait

au natural leggings pantsless - 4743029248
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Conan the <i>Fabulous</i>

cross dressing drag - 5019679744
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Bye-Bye Kitty

best of week crossdressing g rated Hall of Fame hello kitty poorly dressed public transportation Subway - 6498025728
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Walk Like a Man

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Tennis, Anyone?

hair poorly dressed tennis g rated - 8242512384
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Shoes: They're Getting Uglier

comics uggs crocs - 7294316288
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