Worse Than Abuse

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drunk wine parenting mom Video - 79810305

Can't Top That Smell of White Wine and Craft Glue After Bed Time

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Napping Is The New Planking!

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I feel like the least talented person ever watching this...

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That's Cute, They Think They Make the Rules

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Witty parents that went savage with creative cards and social media statuses.

21 Parents That Went Savage

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Baby's First Christmas

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Mom, This Flashlight Doesn't Work Right!

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Thanks, Kids

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Please Tell Me That's Not the Father

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Some Human Kids Probably Do Too

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A Woman Wrapped Up a Pregnancy Test in an Apple Watch Box to Surprise Her Husband on His Birthday

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Everyone Reacts to Santa Differently

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Baby Weight

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The Circle of Life

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Well That Backfired

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