If There's a Plus Sign Afterward, it Means Just the Opposite. Crazy.

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Never Trust a Turkey Fart

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Accio Woody!

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Krishna's Dad is Just an Arrested Development Fan

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Not Too Rough, Please

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Clearly the kids didn't get their smarts from their parents

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I Thought Moms Had Eyes in the Backs of Their Heads?

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A Restaurant in North Carolina is in Deep Trouble After Accidentally Serving a 2 Year Old Booze

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And then Suddenly a Baby

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Just Don't Do an Image Search for That, Mom

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Nobody Said this was Going to be Easy

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A Slightly Drunk Dad Attempted to Tattoo His Son's Name on Himself and Screwed Up. Twice.

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Teens do it, College Kids do it, Even Parents Bored at the Office do it!

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