Teens do it, College Kids do it, Even Parents Bored at the Office do it!

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Alright, Nice Pose, OH WAIT

baby mirror pic Parenting Fail whoops - 5276039168
By julianbb

Again: Never Friend Your Parents

busted caught facebook Parenting Fail text whoops - 5658613504
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crazy things parents say drugs Father Mario Kart video games whoops - 59787523

PokemonTrainer12's Dad Lays Down the Long Arm of the Mushroom Kingdom Law

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Still True

baby whoops parenting - 8163219456
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Well, there's Always Ice Cream

birthday birthday cake cake Parenting Fail photography whoops - 5273980928
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Ummm...Hi Dad

texting, dad, tmi, brazzers
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A Public Service Message

accident alcohol baby car drinking driving Parenting Fail whoops - 5294598656
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One Dad's Emojional Valentine Snap is Also Something His Kid Can Never Un-See

funny fail image dad shares valentine's day dick pick snap with his kid by accident
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Too Young to Know How Hard He Just Trolled

accident coffee gifs grandma hit Parenting Fail spill troll whoops - 5282415104
By Unknown

Please, We Prefer to Call Him "Taylor"

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We're All Young Until Reality Gestates In Our Privates

adolescence alcohol Parenting Fail partying pregnancy test pregnant teen pregnancy whoops - 5559766272
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baby crazy things parents say grandfather innuendo whoops - 59789059

Mells_K Runs With a Wink-Nudge Crowd

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