That Kid Has a Future in Comedy

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Autocorrect, I See What You Did There

birthday cake comes with blind girl topper thanks to an autocorrect fail
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The Magical Changing Appendage

bath creepy mom mother Parenting Fail rage comic whoops - 5416421376
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baby crazy things parents say grandfather innuendo whoops - 59789059

Mells_K Runs With a Wink-Nudge Crowd

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accident crazy things parents say food thanksgiving whoops - 59009283

Never Trust a Turkey Fart

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accident baby kids are dumb ouch toddler Video whoops - 28936193

That Awkward Moment Where You Know What's Going to Happen, But It's Not Happening Yet

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You Didn't Need That Face, Right?

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A Public Service Message

accident alcohol baby car drinking driving Parenting Fail whoops - 5294598656
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There's Durex and Trojan, Right Over There

accident conception condom contraception Parenting Fail rage comic troll dad whoops - 5364006656
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dancing kids mom whoops parenting Video - 60517633

I Thought Moms Had Eyes in the Backs of Their Heads?

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Accio Woody!

costume halloween Harry Potter Parenting Fail whoops woody - 5364875520
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Now Move a Little More to the Right... Perfect!

accidental sexy family photo g rated parenting Parenting Fail trip vacation whoops zoo - 5650987008
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Yeah, and I'm a Velociraptor, What's Your Point?

family oh god why Parenting Fail rage comic whoops - 5448233216
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It's All Mental, Really

accidental sexy times baby discipline Parenting Fail whoops - 5579445248
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arrested development birds dad shy whoops wrong - 56946947

Krishna's Dad is Just an Arrested Development Fan

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Technically That Water is Sanitary. I Hope.

gross kids are dumb Parenting Fail toilet whoops - 5493441536
By Kristen
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