It's Time to Cut You Off, Sorry

accident baby gross milk Parenting Fail spit whoops - 5654739712
Created by John

Technically That Water is Sanitary. I Hope.

gross kids are dumb Parenting Fail toilet whoops - 5493441536
Created by Kristen

Please, We Prefer to Call Him "Taylor"

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The Magical Changing Appendage

bath creepy mom mother Parenting Fail rage comic whoops - 5416421376
Via Reddit

Ummm...Hi Dad

texting, dad, tmi, brazzers
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This is Easily the Classiest Way to Respond to a Wrong Text Birth Announcement

win image wrong text birth announcement ends with surprise gifts
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If There's a Plus Sign Afterward, it Means Just the Opposite. Crazy.

baby conception Parenting Fail pregnancy pregnancy test whoops - 5303932928
Created by Unknown

I Guess the Cover is Still Correct 48% of the Time?

accidental sexy cover magazine Parenting Fail whoops - 5511249920
Created by Unknown

Clearly the kids didn't get their smarts from their parents

bumper sticker education Parenting Fail school whoops - 5682340864
Created by wobblegiggle

Going Head-First Into Fun!

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There's Durex and Trojan, Right Over There

accident conception condom contraception Parenting Fail rage comic troll dad whoops - 5364006656
Created by Unknown

Again: Never Friend Your Parents

busted caught facebook Parenting Fail text whoops - 5658613504
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And then Suddenly a Baby

accident baby conception fashion Hall of Fame Parenting Fail parents have sex too shirt whoops - 5283737856
Created by Unknown

Still True

baby whoops parenting - 8163219456
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Tanked Tots: Quick! Draw Things on His Face!

alcohol beer drinking Parenting Fail sleep toddler whoops - 5465482496
Created by Meagan Gillis

Just Don't Do an Image Search for That, Mom

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