The Club Can't Even Handle Me Right Now

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Technically That Water is Sanitary. I Hope.

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By Kristen

The Peenasaur is My Favorite Ancient Beast

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The Magical Changing Appendage

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Yeah, and I'm a Velociraptor, What's Your Point?

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And then Suddenly a Baby

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By Unknown

I Guess the Cover is Still Correct 48% of the Time?

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By Unknown

Tanked Tots: Quick! Draw Things on His Face!

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By Meagan Gillis
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Never Trust a Turkey Fart

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Public Parenting News: On a Teacher's Salary, I Don't Blame Her...

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Clearly the kids didn't get their smarts from their parents

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By wobblegiggle

The Single Commonality In All Students

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Autocorrect, I See What You Did There

birthday cake comes with blind girl topper thanks to an autocorrect fail
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Going Head-First Into Fun!

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Kids Should Know Their Place

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But Hey, He's not Doing Drugs!

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