Going Head-First Into Fun!

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Look Both Ways Before Shooting Yourself in the Foot

dad dating meet the parents Parenting Fail rage comic relationships whoops - 5601579776
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accident baby brother conception crazy things parents say mother whoops - 58938627

AbsoltheLoner's Mom Pulls No Punches

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Again: Never Friend Your Parents

busted caught facebook Parenting Fail text whoops - 5658613504
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One Dad's Emojional Valentine Snap is Also Something His Kid Can Never Un-See

funny fail image dad shares valentine's day dick pick snap with his kid by accident
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Alright, Nice Pose, OH WAIT

baby mirror pic Parenting Fail whoops - 5276039168
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Technically That Water is Sanitary. I Hope.

gross kids are dumb Parenting Fail toilet whoops - 5493441536
Created by Kristen

When Raiding for Cookies Goes Wrong

accident kid kitchen pants Parenting Fail whoops - 5408204032
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Kids Should Know Their Place

kids, bed, covers, drawing
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Tanked Tots: Quick! Draw Things on His Face!

alcohol beer drinking Parenting Fail sleep toddler whoops - 5465482496
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The Club Can't Even Handle Me Right Now

baby caption lady bits Parenting Fail Spider-Man super heroes whoops - 5554148608
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I Guess the Cover is Still Correct 48% of the Time?

accidental sexy cover magazine Parenting Fail whoops - 5511249920
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Mells_K Runs With a Wink-Nudge Crowd

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A Public Service Message

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Now Move a Little More to the Right... Perfect!

accidental sexy family photo g rated parenting Parenting Fail trip vacation whoops zoo - 5650987008
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Public Parenting News: On a Teacher's Salary, I Don't Blame Her...

caught crime education Parenting Fail pr0n Public Parenting News school teacher whoops - 5468699136
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