Still True

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Yeah, and I'm a Velociraptor, What's Your Point?

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There's Durex and Trojan, Right Over There

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Krishna's Dad is Just an Arrested Development Fan

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But Hey, He's not Doing Drugs!

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You Didn't Need That Face, Right?

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Taking The Wind Beneath Your Wings Right Out of Your Sails

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Too Young to Know How Hard He Just Trolled

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Again: Never Friend Your Parents

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Very Convenient, in Fact

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Should've Used the Bucket Seats

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What's My Age Again?

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Her New Bike isn't the Only Thing Blazin'

funny parenting image daughter takes picture of new bike next to 420 graffiti
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That Awkward Moment Where You Know What's Going to Happen, But It's Not Happening Yet

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I Guess the Cover is Still Correct 48% of the Time?

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Daddy Issues All Around

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