Check and Mate, Trolldad

caught Parenting Fail rage comic sexy times troll troll dad whoops - 5569136640
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Her New Bike isn't the Only Thing Blazin'

funny parenting image daughter takes picture of new bike next to 420 graffiti
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crash falling Video whoops - 36119041

Should've Used the Bucket Seats

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We're All Young Until Reality Gestates In Our Privates

adolescence alcohol Parenting Fail partying pregnancy test pregnant teen pregnancy whoops - 5559766272
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Autocorrect, I See What You Did There

birthday cake comes with blind girl topper thanks to an autocorrect fail
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What's My Age Again?

age birthday mother Parenting Fail text whoops wrong - 5643101696

Play-Doh Made Some Folks Very Unhappy This Christmas

whoops dude parts accidental sexy - 8414077952
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The Peenasaur is My Favorite Ancient Beast

dude parts Parenting Fail playground whoops - 5622204672
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Please, We Prefer to Call Him "Taylor"

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It's Time to Cut You Off, Sorry

accident baby gross milk Parenting Fail spit whoops - 5654739712
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Too Young to Know How Hard He Just Trolled

accident coffee gifs grandma hit Parenting Fail spill troll whoops - 5282415104
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accident baby kids are dumb ouch toddler Video whoops - 28936193

That Awkward Moment Where You Know What's Going to Happen, But It's Not Happening Yet

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Daddy's Little Boy is Also Bucking Traditional Gender Constructions

clothing fashion gender hat Parenting Fail pink whoops - 5587662336
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whoops birds siblings accident - 74583041

Taking The Wind Beneath Your Wings Right Out of Your Sails

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You Didn't Need That Face, Right?

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This is Easily the Classiest Way to Respond to a Wrong Text Birth Announcement

win image wrong text birth announcement ends with surprise gifts
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