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A Handy Guide on How to Travel With a Baby

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Go Get the Sponge

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Time For a Daddy-Daughter Dance Battle!

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Sketchy Bunnies: Baby Overboard!

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Little Ring Bearer Doesn't Give a Fu*k

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Crazy Lawsuit of the Day: Man Sues His Wife for Having Ugly Children and Wins

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poop FAIL parenting - 82006273

Angry Baboon Launches Its Poop and Hits a Little Girl Directly in the Chin

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"Geez Dad, Your Feet Smell TERRIBLE!"

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That Rules Out Mitt and Newt, I Suppose

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costume twitter list halloween family win - 1020933

This Creative Family's Group Halloween Costumes are Actual Family Goals

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Dad-like Reflexes

parenting baby gifs Dad-like Reflexes
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He's Just Hungry!

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And We All Fall Down!

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"Hold on Mom, I'm Coming"

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That Title is a Bit Misleading

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A Mom Asked the Internet to Send Christmas Cards, They Delivered and This Little Boy Got His Christmas Wish

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