customer service waiter service industry - 16855813

Employer Illegally Threatens to Confiscate Earned Tips If Employees Use Their Cellphones

This poster was posted online after it was put up in a break room of a restaurant. It was shared to Reddit's r/antiwork subreddit, where it has earned seven thousand upvotes and sparked discussion over the employer's threat to keep tips and the legality surrounding that. Reddit user u/SourceIntelligent741was responsible for sharing the image and creating the thread that sparked the discussion, posting the picture with the title “Is this even legal? Servers make $3 an hour in this area, and you…
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rare insults

Rare Insults That Left People Uniquely Destroyed

Haven't heard that one before.
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Cheezburger Image 16855045

Shameless HOA Karen Forces Dad to Take Down Treehouse He Built With His Kids, He Posts This Message

This photo went viral after a walker encountered this incredibly sad poster in the woods behind a row of houses in their neighborhood. The message on the poster expresses emotions of hopeless frustration that this dad must have encountered in the face of the neighborhood's HOA and the busybody Karens who reported his treehouse. The disappointed dad put the Karens of his neighborhood on blast as the reports from people complaining about the sight of the treehouse in the woods behind their family…
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antiwork Horrible Bosses work reform social issues - 16847877

Contractor Told to Attend "Mandatory" Meeting, Declines, Told to Answer Phone, Declines Again

This contractor was told that they had to attend a meeting by the company that they contracted. The issue was that the company had insisted that they sign them on as a contractor rather than an employee, and there wasn't anything in the contract dictating that they had to attend meetings. This was initially posted on Twitter by the contractor, @birdrespecter, before being shared to and going viral on Reddit's r/antiwork subreddit. The concerned workers of r/antiwork were highly supportive of th…
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chaos, failure and misfortune

Chaotic Times Mayhem Ruined Someone's Day

Misfortune is just around the corner.
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Boss denies worker a promotion, they stop doing his job, he gives in

Boss "Doesn't See Need" For Promotion, Coworkers Stop Doing His Job, Make It Obvious

Hey look, a need.
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fun facts

People's Most Fun, Strange And Peculiar Facts

Learn something almost useless.
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landlord malicious compliance - 16854789

Landlord Coerces Tennant Into Showing Their Apartment, So They Give Overly Honest Tours

This landlord threatened legal action against their tenant if the tenant refused to let them show the apartment while they were still living there. The tenant did not want the grief of going through a legal process with their terrible landlord, so they caved under pressure and allowed the apartment viewings to occur. This thread was posted to the r/MaliciousCompliance subreddit by the tenant after they faced a long list of issues with their current landlord. This included the landlord stealing…
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hiring manager interview - 16853253

Hiring Manager Tells Candidate They Can Work Remote, Turns Out It's Only "After 5PM", Quits on Third Day

I don't know who needs to hear this... but letting someone to go home after work is NOT remote work.
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creepy things kids said

Twitter Users Share Terrifically Creepy Things Kids Said To Them

Kid's haunted.
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funny times people didn't get jokes

Oblivious People Who Seriously Didn't Get Jokes

Think about it for like, a second.
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aita mother in laws mother in law pregnant Reddit - 16854533

Mother-In-Law Announces Couple's Pregnancy On Facebook Before They're Ready, Plays Victim When Confronted

A woman discovered that she was pregnant with an unplanned pregnancy and confided in her husband. When that little mama's boy ran and told his mother the news anyways… She immediately took to the ol' Facebook to tell the world the good news, completely disregarding the couple's wishes. When her daughter-in-law confronted her, she went into full victim mode. This thread was posted to Reddit's r/AITA subreddit by the daughter-in-law. She posted the story to appeal to readers and see whether or no…
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tumblr thread on bread fraud

Tumblr Rises To Explain The Rich, Flakey History Of Bread Fraud

Bread and lies.
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aita Reddit - 16855301

Delusional Gym Bro Gives Woman Unsolicited Advice, Thinks That She's the A-Hole, Gets Blasted

The first and most important rule of not being an a-hole is to mind your own business. This gym bro and his buddies forgot to follow that rule and may have made this poor stranger feel uncomfortable returning to this gym again, making themselves look like total clowns. It's also essential to remember that, in life, you're presented with a two-dimensional perspective of another person's life. The small glimpse you gain when you see someone at the gym for an hour a week or even an hour a day is j…
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malicious compliance Horrible Bosses employment - 16223237

Employee Told to Reconsider Their Job if They Want to Take Their Honeymoon, Does

When this employee's marriage was fast approaching, they requested three weeks of leave from their often-absent boss. When the request came back through, the employee, saw that the request had been denied. After a week of attempted contact, they finally managed to get a hold of their boss to know why the request had been denied. They were told, "Look, we need dedicated people, if you think you can take three weeks off for a vacation, you need to reconsider your position here." This thread was p…
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workplace Horrible Bosses - 16845061

Viral Tweet Shows Brilliant Employee Response to Management's Attempt to Ban Pay Discussion

A savage letter was posted in a gym in Kentucky by the management team and has gone viral on multiple sources. There have been viral posts on Reddit and Imgur and a Twitter tweet has earned over 145k likes. The note was posted to the break room at the gym after the management team grew frustrated about rumors of employees discussing their wages. They then posted this letter that reads as follows. “Attention all subordinates,” starts the letter. "Effective immediately, conversing about wages (bo…
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