High Schooler Inserts Famous Porn Star Images In School Project, Putting Teacher In An Extremely Dicey Position | Doctor, delivery driver, man

Courageous High Schooler Inserts Famous Porn Star Images In School Project, Putting Teacher In An Extremely Dicey Position

The comment section whole-heartedly agrees that this kid is going places.
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funny tinder tinder top-tinder-moments toptindermoments online dating dating - 17048837

The Top Tinder Moments of the Week (May 17, 2022)

It's time for the top Tinder moments of the week! This week's batch is full of debaucherous devils and frisky flirters who are itching for a chance to use their ample wit. Of course, you also have your less-than well-intended individuals wreaking havoc across the dating landscape. For example, take the delightful lass from item #3, who is desperate to find a tall fellah. Not just any ol' boy will do; she needs one of them lanky types who could wrap their arm around her from two seats away in th…
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'Karen' Accuses Hibachi Chef Of Being Racist When He Said 'Kobe' After Landing A Good Throw| thumbnail text - kobe, you have to bring a black man into this?

'Karen' Accuses Hibachi Chef Of Being Racist After He Said 'Kobe' While Landing A Good Toss

Karen's are unstoppable
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family drama aita marriage family Reddit - 17048581

Wife Roasted For Telling Husband to Deal With Her Mother's Backhanded Comments

This wife took to the internet to see if she was in the wrong for telling her husband to deal with her mother's comments towards him and “hash things out” with her. The wife notes that her mother “is the one who usually starts” but that her husband “also escalates (sic) and refuses to let it go." Essentially, her mother is bullying her husband while he is vulnerable and trying to maintain peace at family events, and this wife is doing nothing to stand up for him. Reddit users on Reddit's r/AITA…
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aita relationships family - 17048325

Dad Kicks Escort Sister Out After She Glorifies Her Profession to His Teen Daughter, Posts Heartwarming Update

Scroll on for screenshots of the full story and the reader’s reactions.
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seller's ad for red truck

Seller Posts Ad For The Most Red Truck, Painted Inside And Out

They aren't lying.
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funny DIY creations

DIY Creations That Went Off The Rails

It's uh... good?
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weird and stupid ways escape room customers tried solving puzzles

Weird And Dumb Ways Customers Tried To Solve Escape Rooms

That will technically get you out of an escape room.
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flight entitled couple - 17037829

Large Gal Buys Herself Second Seat on Flight For Comfort, Entitled Couple Decides It's Their's

A woman purchased herself an extra seat on her flight for her own comfort and security. She explains in her story that she is a fairly large gal and prefers using this method when she travels so that she can have a comfortable distance from other people. This sounds like an excellent and polite consideration that speaks volumes of Redditor u/Tessy23's character. It's a shame that not everyone shares that consideration for others. For, it wasn't long before a couple on the flight decided that u/…
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antiwork creativity in the workplace - 17038085

Good Guy Employer Gives Employee Unexpected Raise to Match Salary of New Hires, Internet Applauds

This employer is doing something right!
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malicious compliance revenge - 17037573

Manager Told to Shift Focus By Boss, Shifts Focus... Just Not in the Way the Boss Pictured

This thread was posted to Reddit's r/maliciouscompliance subreddit by Redditor u/Intrigued_Alpaca_93, Scroll on for screenshots of the full story and the reader’s reactions. Keep scrolling for screenshots of u/Intrigued_Alpaca_93's story and Reddit's reactions.
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wholesome memes and moments

Wholesome Moments To Exercise The Feels

That's nice.
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boss's daughter steals lunch and gets sent to hospital with peanut allergy, boss blames coworker

Boss's Daughter Steals Lunch, Gets Sent To Hospital, Boss Tries Blaming Employee

Of course it's the boss's kid.
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revenge petty revenge dating - 17037317

Lying Ex Exposed, Had Been Pretending Woman's Belongings Were Their Interests

This fine gentleman and his partner ended things mutually after 7 years together. They maintained an amiable friendship afterward, during which time his ex-girlfriend even helped him plan a trip with his new girlfriend. After which the two got engaged. At this point his ex-girlfriend began to see things just a little bit clearer (she might have been a little bitter about his new fiancée too.) She decided it was time to take a little revenge and went over to his place to collect her things. Whil…
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funny dungeons and dragons memes

Dungeons and Dragons Memes To Cast On Self

Critical hit.
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Cheezburger Image 17020677

HOA and Neighbor Karen Mess With Wrong Gardner Uncle, He Gives Them the 'What For'

This gardening uncle became the target of his HOA for violating their ‘no fences’ regulation after he was reported by his Karen neighbor for the small half-foot high picket fence that he placed around his garden. The HOA regulation was supposed to pertain to enclosing fences only but the HOA's strict interpretation of their regulations allowed them to enforce it against any and all fences. The uncle decided to play into their strict interpretation game and after combing through the regulations
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