creepy stories

Creepy Moments People Won't Forget Anytime Soon

Oh no.
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Couple doesn't want the neighbors' kids to play in their backyard, and then a whole drama breaks out.

Couple Doesn't Want Neighbors' Kids To Play In Their Yard, Drama Ensues

Some neighbors have zero chill.
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double-take moments of strange perspective

Confusing Moments of Skewed Perspective

Huh, alright.
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A collection of tweets about people's most ridiculous neighbors on NextDoor.

People's Most Nightmarish, Entitled, And Bizarre Neighbors

NextDoor is a troubling goldmine.
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Military officer wife Karen wants salutes, everyone starts saluting cars instead

Military Wife Karen Demands Salutes, Gets Mocked

Respect the sticker, she says.
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A collection of the most elaborate attempts at cheating that teachers ever witnessed.

Most Elaborate Attempts At Cheating That Exam Proctors Witnessed

Honestly, just impressed.
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amazing creations of bad taste

Skillful Creations of Absurd Taste

No yeah, it's uh, good.
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things non-Americans like about America

Peculiar Things Non-Americans Like About America

There are some upsides.
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toys nostalgia strange yoyo lol 90s weird - 107658753

Yomega Yoyo Commercial Is About As 90s As It Gets

A core memory.
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wheel wtf drifting FAIL tired close call lol truck - 107658497

Truck Driver Drifts Recklessly, Breaks Wheel Clean Off

Nice clean break.
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wife upset husband went to restaurant with a friend on his birthday

Wife Ditches Husband's Birthday, Gets Upset That He Still Had A Nice Birthday

Oh boy.
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the worst smells people experienced

The Worst Smells People Had The Opportunity To Experience

A truly bad smell feels like a slap in the face.
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employee automates job and doesn't have to work for 5 years

Employee Automates Job, Gets Paid To Do Nothing For 5 Years

Real life cheat code.
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entitled people and their absurd demands

Entitled People and Their Laughable Behavior

How bold.
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funny tumblr gems and memes

Random Tumblr Gems To Cackle at Heartily

May the guffaws flow.
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interesting historical perspectives

Twitter Users Describe Their Favorite Weird Historical Perspectives

Time is a strange thing.
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