Lord of the Table

Lord of the Rings lulu metallica - 6506684928
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The Album Creator Game Strikes Back

album albums g rated Music FAILS Reddit - 6469664768
Created by jackjohn

As Blind as Beethoven

blind comment deaf piano youtube youtube comment - 6069931776

What U Wanna Hear (One Direction Parody)

one direction college humor music video Music FAILS - 6994297344

Obviously Conflicted

queen freddie mercury facebook darth vader - 7341113600
Created by Laura3lizabeth
microphone Music - 53009153

Screech of the Day

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Anti-Hipster Beethoven

Beethoven deaf - 6063277056

Awkward Juxtaposition FAIL

chris brown rihanna youtube - 6330237184

How Did the Beattles Cross the Road?

abbey road beattles moving - 7674643968
dance pop Video - 36266497

Epic Dance Audition

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metal christmas Video - 76177921

Watch as These Holiday Lights Rock Out to Slipknot

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This Ain't Hearing Aid

headphones the most interesting man in the world - 6224515328

Some Things Are Best Enjoyed Alone

friends headphones taste - 5976236544
Music stevie wonder a cappella cover - 55510785

Jacob Collier Covers Stevie Wonder's 'Don't You Worry About A Thing'

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Loki Townsendson

avengers loki the who - 6372569856

Darth Vader Endor-ses Metal

darth vader dubstep metal star wars - 6281088256
Created by fdlopez2

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