Ermah Gers!

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Suddenly, Disco Makes Sense to Me

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Hipster Parents

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Hot Girls Don't Need Autotune

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The Cover for Lil' Wayne's New Mixtape Looks Awfully Familiar...

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Coachella Is Now a Boat

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I See Your True Colors

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How Did YOU Feel About the Grammy Winners Tonight?

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Sweet Kick!

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Because 20 Is Louder Than 11

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Adele criticized for use of Bantu braids during carnival celebration in notting hill london, funny tweets, twitter memes, jamaica | @301mair Adele said she Rolling Pon De Deep | ueger @_hassan416 Adele went hello" toO "wagwan" AWARDS RDS

Adele's Carnival Look Garners Harsh Criticism And Roasty Memes

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Get Ready to Yearn For Their Old Stuff

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809s and Valentines

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Rockin' Dat Stewie Bling

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Disney is So Brutal

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You Bastards

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