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This Flier is 20% Lamer

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A Busted Floor-Kart, for Only $550?!

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Unfortunate Coincidence FAIL

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Wherever the Hoop is, This Guy is Nowhere Near it

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Never Trust a Knockoff Dress

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That Old Outlaw John Wayne, at it Again

On-Air Blooper news whoops - 8397211648
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You Dropped Something!

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Whoever Wins This Race, the Venue Loses

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Somebody Thought This One Through, but Not Well Enough

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Wait, No, Not Like That!

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How Many Times Did She Make This Mistake?

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When an Unstoppable Power Meats an Unmovable Force, Somebody's Face Gets Busted

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Confirmation, We Have Derp-off

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A "Singin' in the Rain" Moment Goes Very Wrong

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On to the Next Mystery, Kids!

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