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Identifying Your True Goals FAIL

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This Kid Tries to Hunt a Mouse in His Own Home. It Will Not End Well.

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Please, Don't Drink and Skate. Unless You Get it on Camera

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Do Over? Do Over!

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From The Makers of Soylent Green FAIL

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Cheerleading is a Graceful, Gymnastic Activity

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This Rugby Player's Name is Jack Ball. The BBC Had Other Ideas.

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Looks Like You Sent in the Wrong Gold!

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Sweet Curveball FAIL

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The Worst Hitter in the World FAIL

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The Chillest Spill

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The Puddle Would Have Been the Better Option

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British Airways Chose the Worst Time for This Ad

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Trampolines, Even When You're Getting Off One, Never Lead to Anything Good

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ouch whoops right in the crotch compilation Video fail nation - 46267137

FAILs of 2012!

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In Other News, the Kaiju Have Arrived!

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