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Is This Your Idea of an HOV Lane?

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Side Effects May Include Loss of Eyes

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Urban Outfitters Attempted to Sell a "Vintage, One of a Kind" Sweater That Reminded Everyone of a Bloody Protest Battle

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Classic: A Visual Representation of Your Week so Far?

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You Wanted to Touch Up the Interior, Right?

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By Unknown

Happy New Year From the Future!

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The Crimes Are Basically the Same

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This Poor Jockey Totally Eats it in the Middle of a Race

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This Man Catches Snakes for a Living, but He Didn't Tell His Wife When One Was Chilling in Her Car

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It's Always the Dismount That Gets You

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Wait, No, Not Like That!

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There Goes an Extra Week of Shipping

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He Just Found a Shortcut! And a Bunch of Broken Glass!

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The Bear's Barber Shop FAIL

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Store Display FAIL

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On-Air Blooper whoops Video - 60961793

F-Bombs on the Evening News Are Just the Best

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