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whoops Video karma g rated fail nation - 64234753

Littering in the River? Prepare for Instant Karmic Payback.

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whoops cars Video - 71179009

That Moment When Your Car is so Awesome it Literally Breaks Down While Driving

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Sports Fans and Those Who Love Basic American Geography Might Know What's Wrong Here

sports whoops baseball shirt - 8110707456
Via Bits and Pieces
public transportation whoops Video nap - 58765825

This is Why You Always Watch Where You Take a Nap

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guns whoops tree Video - 65548801

The Trees Fight Back When This Shooter Tests His Gun

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selfie stick whoops FAIL jeep driving selfie Cats Video - 74148865

This Jeep Owner Learns that Accidents Are Sometimes a Selfie-Stick Thing

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"What Does the Little 'R' Mean Again?"

whoops cars parking fail nation - 8370703872
By beernbiccies
ouch whoops technology robots science Video - 71701249

Mashup of the Day: Watch a Bunch of Robots Fall with WWE Wrestling Commentary

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A California Lawyer Might Get Disbarred for These Painfully Bad Photoshops

celeb lawyer photoshop whoops - 8323531776
Via Uproxx

Did I Really?

Via acidcow
ouch beer whoops skateboard funny Video - 53554945

Beer Delivery FAIL

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On-Air Blooper whoops Video - 70994177

This Over-the-Top Turkish Soap Opera Accidentally Aired Scenes Without Their Special Effects

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whoops cars Video fail nation - 65506561

It Takes a Special Kind of Skill to Flip Your Car Like This

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Guess You're Stuck!

door whoops bathroom handle - 7048110848
Via Reddit

Irony FAIL

accident cars driving flip irony whoops - 6594919680
By Unknown
news whoops slip Video Valentines day - 47601665

This Freudian News Slip is Perfect For Today

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