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The Craziest TV Guest of All Time?

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Hard-Hitting News: What's Up With This KFC Bucket?

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Maybe I Don't Want to Hear This Story

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Corn on the Run, It's the Secret to Cardio

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A Florida Woman (of Course) Spent $20,000 to Surgically Implant a Third Breast. In Other Words, Get Your Ass to Mars.

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This Kitty Wants a Combo Meal, FAST!

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There is No Rage Like a Customer With a Wrong Fast Food Order

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How Could You NOT Eat These Strawberries?

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We Could All Learn a Thing From Generic Alien Man

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Ever Been so Excited You Humped the Floor? This "Price is Right" Contestant Knows What I'm Talking About.

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If That's the Case, You Might Want to Get Them Checked

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And Yea, Did He Give a Hanging Globe Upon the World

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Ever Wanted to Buy "The"?

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Dance, Dance You Crazy Fool!

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Ever Have One of Those "Lift a Duck in a Park" Days?

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Got That Apple Booty

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