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Giving Them Ideas FAIL

alcohol Professional At Work signs - 5964884992
Created by Unknown

Quality Assurance FAIL

irony Professional At Work signs - 5489527040
Created by Mirja74

Christ's Sacred Body FAIL

glory hole innuendo juxtaposition religion signs - 5498762240
Created by Cliff

Sounds Like a Challenge!

water signs dead irony - 8601040640
Created by acecookie

Surely You Must Be Yolking FAIL

food grocery store Professional At Work signs - 5458179840
Created by invisibleknight

With An Focus In Grammar FAIL

grammar irony Professional At Work signs - 5420081664
Created by Kelly Brennan

Free Water Is Not The Best Water FAIL

gross signs urinal urine wtf - 5675794688
Created by Unknown

Don't Tell Rednecks What To Do FAIL

guns irony redneck signs - 5434051840
Created by Unknown

They Help You Erect Things FAIL

innuendo p33n Professional At Work signs - 5707546624
Created by Mr.Manos

Staffed By Pedobear FAIL

creepy innuendo pedobear Professional At Work signs - 5554642944
Created by moby

Font Choice FAIL

font innuendo signs - 5933892864
Created by frugstar

I Came For The Soda, I Stayed For The Addiction FAIL

charity drugs meth signs wtf - 5463799040
Created by Unknown

Relay For Life FAIL

cemetery Death irony signs - 5534437120
Created by Greg

Save Detroit FAIL

detroit drugs signs - 5910028288
Created by okerr4256

Valentine's Idea FAIL

dating innuendo signs Valentines day - 5720440320
See all captions Created by Unknown

Totally Legit FAIL

doctor Professional At Work signs sketchy - 5978736896
Created by DaBritt
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