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bathroom fail nation g rated Hall of Fame ouch signs - 5626834944
By Unknown

This is Why Bears Love South Park

signs - 5598514432
By Dave

Quality Assurance FAIL

irony Professional At Work signs - 5489527040
By Mirja74

The Exhibitions Sure Are Popular FAIL

innuendo Professional At Work signs - 6044711168
By Unknown

Sweeping It Under The Rug FAIL

irony signs wtf - 5412611072
By Unknown

Not the Advertised Flavour FAIL

display food placement Popcorn signs - 5555151104
By Caileigh H.

Lots of Braille FAIL

art blind irony signs - 5913497344
By Unknown

Cannibalism Sale FAIL

parenting signs - 5571176448
By matthias-boi

Butt, Does it Smell Good?

engrish FAIL signs - 8811518976
Via Youwutm8

Sounds Like a Challenge!

water signs dead irony - 8601040640
By acecookie

Appetizing Acronym FAIL

acronym fail nation g rated Professional At Work signs - 6090663424
By KimCommander

Booming Business FAIL

Professional At Work signs typo - 5611883776
By Swift

Reading Comprehension FAIL

Hypocrisy irony signs - 5499967232
By FarmerTed (Via

We Need Something to Hold This Sign Up With

signs irony - 7231042304
By Unknown

One Day Sale FAIL

math is hard Professional At Work signs - 5559246592
By Unknown

Maybe We Should Try Wales FAIL

Professional At Work signs UK - 5679170560
By Becky (Via
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