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signs what weird - 7075360256
Via Reddit

Evolutionary Development FAIL

animals signs wtf - 5484333824
Created by Unknown

Smells a Bit Fishy FAIL

innuendo Professional At Work signs v4g - 5411512576
Created by Unknown

Free Water Is Not The Best Water FAIL

gross signs urinal urine wtf - 5675794688
Created by Unknown

Relay For Life FAIL

cemetery Death irony signs - 5534437120
Created by Greg

Emergency Exit FAIL

desert exit signs wtf - 5908684800
Created by Jacob Lejsgaard

Following Directions FAIL

Hypocrisy irony signs warning - 6098819840
Created by Aki

Booming Business FAIL

Professional At Work signs typo - 5611883776
Created by Swift

Denying Your Heritage FAIL

confusing signs wtf - 5408499456
Created by Unknown

Welcome Tourists, Spread Your Money Tax Free!

yikes FAIL translation signs spelling - 8745632000
Created by ickidee

As Thin As My Condoms FAIL

innuendo signs warning winter - 5440133120
Created by Unknown

Oddly Specific: Good Luck With That

cars driving oddly specific signs - 5848776192
Via Arbroath

Maybe We Should Try Wales FAIL

Professional At Work signs UK - 5679170560
Created by Becky ( Via )

Breaking Boundaries FAIL

irony signs thats-racist - 5447796224
Created by Dan B

Word of The Day FAIL

Professional At Work signs spelling typo - 5513110272
Created by DeannieAngelini

They Have no Chance FAIL

cars crash irony signs - 6082579200
Created by Unknown