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Used Goods FAIL

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Nothing Creepy or Off-putting About This...

FAIL dentist creepy signs - 8755667200
Created by tamaleknight

Appetizing Acronym FAIL

acronym fail nation g rated Professional At Work signs - 6090663424
Created by KimCommander

You're Not Welcome FAIL

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Town of Zombies FAIL

Death signs slogan wtf - 5502016768
Created by Adrienne

They Got an F for FAIL

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Created by James Valencia

Improve Your Writing FAIL

english irony Professional At Work signs typo - 6059319808
Created by Unknown

Nice Try, Shredder FAIL

confusing signs tax dollars at work TMNT - 5410977792
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Perl Horber, Neber Forgit

image signs fail Perl Horber, Neber Forgit
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He Didn't See The Sign

ouch FAIL gifs signs bikes - 7303205632
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Save Detroit FAIL

detroit drugs signs - 5910028288
Created by okerr4256

Making it Better For The Rest of Us FAIL

irony Professional At Work signs wtf - 5794602496
Created by Chelsea

That Was Fast FAIL

business closed sale shopping signs - 5716399104

The Easy Way In FAIL

confusing Hypocrisy signs typo - 5530309120
Created by pablojaime

Spelling Correctly Is Not An Option FAIL

fans Hall of Fame signs spelling sports - 5407335168
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What an Unfortunate Burn Out

FAIL signs funny fail nation - 7788283648
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