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Slowly and Carefully FAIL

classic grass missing letters signs - 5626835200
Created by Unknown

Little Tumors of Flavor FAIL

cancer signs weird - 5525642496
Created by Lizevans44

Sounds Like a Challenge!

water signs dead irony - 8601040640
Created by acecookie

Metaphorical Phrase FAIL

handicapped irony signs whoops - 6018937600
Created by Sam

Font Choice FAIL

font innuendo signs - 5933892864
Created by frugstar

Itching For a VD Gift FAIL

innuendo signs Valentines day - 5836677888
Created by junk_hard

Not The First Priority FAIL

crash irony signs - 5533512448
Created by dbullemer

Can I get a McFail with a side of McRacism, please?

McDonald's signs thats-racist - 5740855296
Created by amacdon

Confused Signs FAIL

irony juxtaposition signs - 6071823872
Created by Steevo9000

Sounds Like a Threat FAIL

innuendo Professional At Work signs - 6076773376
Created by iSkippy

One Day Sale FAIL

math is hard Professional At Work signs - 5559246592
Created by Unknown

Compassion For The Handicapped FAIL

handicapped irony signs - 5679304704
Created by Phanatic4

Praystation FAIL

fail nation g rated Hall of Fame photoshop Protest religion signs video games - 5671959808
Created by Unknown

It's What You're Going to do Anyway FAIL

common sense Professional At Work signs - 5797342208
Via Epic Ponyz

With An Focus In Grammar FAIL

grammar irony Professional At Work signs - 5420081664
Created by Kelly Brennan

Occupying a Dictionary FAIL

fail nation g rated irony Occupy Wall Street signs spelling typo - 5502925312
Created by Saul Lebowitz