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This Attraction is Not Working as Advertised

sign amusement park irony funny roller coaster - 7802552320
Created by Unknown

You Don't Say FAIL

duh obvious sign you dont say - 6629362944
Created by Unknown

Kids: Full of Delicious Drugs

sign drugs accidental gross funny - 7763985408
Created by Unknown

Billboard FAIL

billboard sign Cats innuendo if you know what i mean best of week Hall of Fame - 6663133952
Created by Unknown

Read Carefully

sign irony funny - 7802580480
Created by Unknown

Vintoge & Anteeks 4 Sale

sign FAIL sale spelling classic - 8817287936
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Sorry, Could You Repeat That?

warning sign elevator facepalm - 8020983296
Created by Unknown

I'll Take it, No Questions Asked!

sign whoops parachute funny - 7854617856
Created by Unknown

Which Evil-Doer Made This Policy Necessary?

Oreos what sign library - 7303517184
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Such Choices!

six or twelve inches of pleasure subway sign
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Why The Pizza Guy Always Hangs Up On Me FAIL

cars sign street sign - 5419367424
Created by Unknown

Do They Take Reservations?

sign accidental sexy funny fail nation - 7858479872
Created by Unknown

Unnecessary Warning FAIL

danger fail nation g rated sign - 6348739584
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It's All in the Name, Wake Up Sheeple!

christmas sign satan santa - 8405393664
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We Have Found the Supreme Paradox

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Just Seven Easy Payments of £1

Just Seven Easy Payments of £1
Via Jmn1111
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