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Also, Do Not Feed the Glass

sign irony funny - 7491353088
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Take THAT Food Pyramid!

sign food funny bacon - 7463739136
By Unknown

Their Yelp Review is Just a Picture of a Dead Roach?

sign hotel seems legit fail nation g rated - 8350216192
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Un-Success FAIL

sign school irony demolition - 6848600832
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Fine, I'll Do It!

sign donuts - 7014754560
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The Last Great Remaining Mystery of Our Time

shoes sign - 7980429824
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Then He Had to Take a Short Break

jesus sign accidental sexy - 6962349056
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So, What Are Your Options?

sign cars driving funny - 7886198272
By Unknown

Getting That Leaf FAIL

warning sign engrish plant - 6789654016
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Only Someone Not Smart Enough to Read the Whole Sign Would Drink This

sign FAIL sale math - 8755074560
By fordps3

In Australia, Even the Fruit is Out to Get You

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Frise FAIL

fries McDonald's misspelling sign - 6286694400
By Unknown

My Truck Would Be Blue, Too

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Great Exercise FAIL

sign dogs pets run exercise - 6837641216
By Unknown

Protecting the Grass FAIL

warning sign grass - 6953132800
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Hopefully This Has Never been a Problem for Any of You

sign what funny weird fail nation - 7896572160
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