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Too Late FAIL

sign paradox reading law Hall of Fame best of week - 6767265280
Created by Unknown

No Thanks FAIL

engrish legs sign spelling grammar - 6663610624
Via Reddit

Do They Have a Member's Club?

sign engrish accidental sexy - 7247129600
Created by James C

In Our Tongue We Call These "Bananas"

sign bananas fruit store - 7086435584
Created by Unknown

That's One Name You Could Call it, Yeah

sign porta potty chicken gross accidental gross - 8370583040
Via I Heart Chaos

Billboard FAIL

billboard cat sign skateboard - 6272881408
Created by Unknown

Goose Attack FAIL

doors fail nation goose g rated Hall of Fame sign - 6180033024
Via Bits & Pieces

Finally, My Kid Can Get to His Own Little League Games

sign cars funny driving school - 7569726464
Created by Unknown

So THESE Are the People to Call When Facebook is Down

sign repair tech support - 8277746432
Via Brown Cardigan

A Real Way to Get Someone to Pay Attention is to Immediately Disappointed

beer sign FAIL box nope - 8982022144
See all captions Created by SirNottaguy-Imadad

Helpful Sign FAIL

handicapped sign stairs - 6215729920
Created by AWKupyInternet

What's His Name Again?

sign barack obama politics - 6984308480
Via Reddit

Red Light District?

accidental sexy name sign - 8327423744
Via Brown Cardigan

But When is Winter Break FAIL

sign school sexy times - 6750152704
Via Reddit

What Are You Getting at, Sign?

accidental racism pets sign g rated fail nation - 8197343232
Via WG55

Wait, No, Not Like That!

sign whoops accidental sexy church - 7377865472
Created by Unknown
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