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Sara's Definitely Not Going to Feel Welcome Now

funny facebook image Sara's Definitely Not Going to Feel Welcome Now
Via Manky_Dingo

Accidental Sexism FAIL

sexism dryer sign - 6809122048
Created by mitchellj

At Least There's a Silver Lining!

sign spelling web comics - 8319523072
Via Brown Cardigan

The "O" and "I" Keys Are Awfully Close Together on the Keyboard

spelling whoops school sign - 7941420032

Now to Find a Cleaner...

sign photography whoops funny - 7835434496

We're on a Bus to Nowhere

sign whoops broken bus - 8436628992
Via Brown Cardigan

We Have a Real Rebel Here

sign rebel literalism we got a badass over here - 7047517440

Great, Now I'm Thinking About Awolnation Again

facepalm spelling sign - 8266454272
Via Squiner

IHOP Gives Up

food breakfast sign pancakes - 7890860800

Getting That Leaf FAIL

warning sign engrish plant - 6789654016

Only Magic Players Would Require This Warning

Via AlbatrossBrewer

Exhibit A, the Carnivorous Goose

sign goose dangerous funny fail nation g rated - 7707549952

The Stop Sign Bandit Strikes!

sign stop sign graffiti hacked irl - 6984080384

The Best of the Worst of Photoshop This Year

Ad photoshop sign - 7993888000
Via Photoshop Disasters

Sign Wording FAIL

sign wording accidental racism amusement park - 6657398272
Via Reddit

A Quick Lesson on Never Stealing Anything That Gets Left on a Porch

sign oh god why funny - 7854836992
Via Reddit
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