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Getting That Leaf FAIL

warning sign engrish plant - 6789654016
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Acronym FAIL

sign school whoops acronym - 6789578240
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A Crash Course in Irony

sign cars irony funny - 7733290496
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Ruining the Fun FAIL

best of week Hall of Fame restroom sign warning - 6581432064
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"But That Would be Totally Fine if We Were"

bar lgbtq sign puns - 7384536576
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An Exit Specifically for Hulks, Things, Transformers, and Kool-Aid Men

sign wall - 8091113984
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Tough Choices FAIL

sign billboard ironic juxtaposition - 6824465664
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Highway Robbery!

sign free stuff - 8175260672
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And if it Goes Poorly You Can Make Them Pay, too

advertisement date sign - 8224862720
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Bike Jerk FAIL

bike thief sign - 6653727488
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You Can Get Ranch at This Pizzeria, but It'll Come at a Price

food business sign pizza - 8124325120
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South Korea is Very Strict About its Birth Control

sign engrish pregnant - 8038258688
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Did Google Translate Throw Up Again?

sign engrish translation - 8152363776
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Something Tells Me This Won't be a Problem

sign dangerous funny - 7854833664
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The X's Are More Indignant in French

sign translation you dont say language - 7036715776
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Ever Been so Drunk Your Mom Stole a Car?

cars what sign fail nation - 8196294912
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