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The Office Has a Hero

sign gross bathroom Office funny fail nation - 7614315264
By Unknown

Everyone's Favorite Food Group

sign pizza funny - 7765609216
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What Kind of Cruel Joke is This?

warning sign irony - 8272794368
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Business Sign FAIL

business computer dude parts exactly what it looks like not what it looks like p33n sign - 6519798528
By Unknown

The Last Great Remaining Mystery of Our Time

shoes sign - 7980429568
By Unknown

Conversion FAIL

sign feet swimming pool - 6836605184
By Metric Man

None Are Safe From the BSOD

sign funny bsod - 7623415808
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Punctuation ALWAYS Matters

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Exhibit A, the Carnivorous Goose

sign goose dangerous funny fail nation g rated - 7707549952
By Unknown

Don't Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out!

door sign irony - 8149481472
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Manly Fashion FAIL

advertisement business fashion lady bits sign - 6619268352
By Unknown

This May or May Not be the Most Vague Sign Ever, but We're Not Sure

sign what g rated fail nation - 8415671552
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Press Buttons Until the Fire Disappears!

warning sign engrish fire - 8426984960
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A Quick Lesson on Never Stealing Anything That Gets Left on a Porch

sign oh god why funny - 7854836992
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The Fun Police Has Arrived

sign facepalm what 4th of july fail nation g rated - 7607923200
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Paradoxes, However, Are Fine

engrish irony sign translation - 8342812160
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