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Merry Upsidedownmas FAIL

christmas sign - 6838382848
By Unknown

Parking Denied

sign cars parking - 8296296192
Via ajay2u

A Friendly Valentine's Day Reminder From... Wait, What?

dating sign Valentines day - 7017720832
Via Reddit

Time-Traveling Spelling FAIL

sign spelling - 6765063168
Via Reddit

The Most Easily Vandalized Sign in the World

sign not what it sounds like funny vandalism fail nation - 7614321920
By Unknown

Some People Are Just Born With the Gift of Design

Via Brown Cardigan

"Unlimited" is a Relative Term

irony magazine sign - 7941425664
Via Bits and Pieces

Confirmed: The Trees Always Win

tree sign warning - 8015727616
Via Reddit

Google Translate FAIL

sign engrish translation - 6748970496
By VampElectro (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Give Me 20 CC's of "Work," STAT!

sign gas station spelling - 6902018304
By Unknown

Don't Become an Idiot AND a Statistic

Via fgmwolfe

Listen, Nobody Can Follow This Rule

bathroom farts sign fail nation g rated - 8015695104
Via Reddit

Red Light District?

accidental sexy name sign - 8327423744
Via Brown Cardigan

Take That, School!

drugs spelling sign - 8124547072
Via Bits and Pieces

Let's Not and Say We Did?

ouch sign engrish accidental sexy fail nation g rated - 8289271552
Via UnhelpfulReply

Then Why Did You Put it in the Bathroom, Genius?

Via Acid Cow