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Only the Bravest Need Apply

disabled genius sign warning - 8257652224
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So, That's Probably Awesome, Right?

sign engrish restaurant food - 8198848512
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Thanks for the Last Laugh, Radioshack

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You Know A Classic Internet Image is Classic When It Still Gets You Sofa King Happy

sign FAIL puns classic - 8974438400
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I'd Rather Not, Thanks!

sign accidental gross home depot toilet fail nation g rated - 7377852928
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Hold Me Closer, Temperoly

facepalm spelling sign - 8028905472
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When You're Your Own Valentine, Treat Yo' Self

Funny fail Valentine's Day cucumber solution
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Quotations: Still Not Meant to be Used for Emphasis

sign Quotation Marks seems legit fail nation - 8270689792
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sign news Video - 48282625

Exactly How Does One Uphold This Rule?

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What's His Name Again?

sign barack obama politics - 6984308480
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You Brought This on Yourself, Canadians

Canada warning sign hockey - 8409570304
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Sign Wording FAIL

sign wording accidental racism amusement park - 6657398272
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Tough Choices FAIL

sign billboard ironic juxtaposition - 6824465664
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That's Where You'll Find Me

sign douchebag - 8126199552
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Probably Bad News: Rage ACTIVATED

news newspaper billboard sign - 6637314816
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Great, Now I'm Thinking About Awolnation Again

facepalm spelling sign - 8266454272
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