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Google Translate FAIL

sign engrish translation - 6748970496
By VampElectro (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

No Parking Except For Always FAIL

cars contradiction instructions paradox parking sign wait what - 5452648960
By Unknown

You Don't Even Have to Tell Me Twice

balls sign dude parts - 6897643776
By Unknown


exit sign - 6310558208
By Unknown

The Day of Reckoning Has Come!

warning sign funny fail nation g rated - 7548751104
Via Reddit

Getting Likes FAIL

public restroom sign toilet - 6189102080
Via Unscrewed

No Good Can Come of This

plz no sexy times men vs women sexy times sign - 8220697600
Via drcalbo

Un-Success FAIL

sign school irony demolition - 6848600832
By Unknown

Some People Are REALLY Going to Like What's for Dinner at This Restaurant

Via Brown Cardigan

It's the Honerable Thing to Do

memorial day sign FAIL classic - 6273291008
By Unknown

That's One Name You Could Call it, Yeah

sign porta potty chicken gross accidental gross - 8370583040
Via I Heart Chaos

Scoop Your Poop, or Get Pooped On

warning sign revenge oh god why g rated fail nation - 8414080768
Via Metro

Probably the Worst Vowel Switch Possible

Via distinguishedbaloney

I'll Take a Dozen FAIL

sign innuendo rooster dude parts p33n - 6792346112
By Unknown

The Irony is Lost on No One

irony sign titanic museum - 8030615296
By Unknown

Don't Laugh, This Election is in a Critical Swing District

sign accidental sexy butt stuff name - 8162515456
Via MountainManKBF