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Stories of children's weird flexes.

35 People's Kids' "Weird Flex, but Okay" Moments

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FAIL parenting faceplant Video - 76384257

Baby's First Faceplant

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christmas parenting Video santa - 76931585

So This is What Happens When Kids are Hooked Up To Lie Detectors in Front of Santa

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FAIL instagram parenting the rock Video - 281351

Meeting The Rock After a Workout Sounds Really Intimadating, Unless You're This Little Girl

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kids stuck parenting - 81193473

This Compilation of Kids Getting Stuck in Stuff Will Trigger All the Cringe

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An Easy Way to Decide Which Grandparent to Visit in the Nursing Home

funny parenting image grandma writes genuine card grandpa signs same here
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baby parenting mom Video - 84584193

Highly Hormonal Mom Breaks Down in Tears Over Thought of Baby Having to Grow up

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caught whoops FAIL parenting Video - 75325697

This Baby Gives No Socks About Their Mispronunciation

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Horrible parent expects too much from teacher | just don't want contacting him am not comfortable and will let him know as well. If my child is not on computer is my expectation will call and let know daily don't have time keep up with her and all this work. Again am not her teacher. If going give out zeros expect come here and help her s alI. As much as would love do ma'am is not feasible have 54 students and cannot call parents every student who is not logged on daily avoid any further

Parent Blames Teacher for Kid Not Being In Virtual Class

Cartwheeling through logical hoops over here.
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FAIL embarrassing parenting TV Video - 78079233

The Mother of All Family Feud FAILs Has Steve Harvey Confounded

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Off On Your Own FAIL

gifs kids my first fail ouch parenting - 5779342848
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kids parenting - 80325121

This Compilation of Toddlers and Their Power Wheels Will Make You Wish You Were a Kid Again

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Swaddled in the Mouth FAIL

baby parenting product fail wtf - 5784961792
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FAILS Babies parenting compilation Video - 75133441

These Babies Already Know That FAILing is Hilarious

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Please, Don't Do It

FAIL parenting classic - 8969410048
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Your Poor Spelling Is Making People Sick

baby parenting facebook - 8762847744
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