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No Wonder Her Thirst is Real

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A quick Tumblr post on kids' various learning struggles | fozmeadows Watching my toddler figure out language is fascinating. Yesterday were stumped he kept insisting there Lego winner" behind his bookshelf turned out be little Lego trophy cup. Not knowing word trophy he'd extrapolated word thing can win And then, just now, he held up his empty milk container and said Mummy s not rubbish s allowed be bottle meaning, effectively want this. Don't throw away But an adult ear, there's something

Quick Tumblr Post On Kids' Language Struggles

A for effort.
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A Little Impromptu Math Quiz in Belfast Leads to Hilarity for This Family

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So This is What a Cat Sibling is Like

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That's One Way to Put a Whole in Your Kids' Teeth

That's One Way to Put a Whole in Your Kids' Teeth
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Probably Bad News: At Least She Still Has That Volcano Insurance

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The Number One Enemy When Serving Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed: Gravity

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Weep, for You Have Become a Parent Now

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When You Love Zebras and Your Baby Sister, Naturally You'll Turn Her Into One

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A Little Gambler's Starter Kit

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Dad Takes a Direct Hit

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That Feel When You're Just Trying to Make it Through the Week

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He's Learned That Having Dreams Can Disappoint Fast

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Brave or Crazy? Watch This Father Put His Hand in a Hole Full of Spiders

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And the Parent of the Winter Goes to...

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Kid ends up going nuclear on his dad during a game of Monopoly | r/tifu Join u/SqueakyCleanNoseDown 15h TIFU by using nuclear option game monopoly. M four player family game Monopoly. My brother, our parents and were playing, and wasn't doing well wasn't bankrupt or heavily mortgaged yet, but could tell if something drastic didn't change next 3 turns or so toast didn't have any monopolies, but did have couple 2 out 3 properties (New York and St. James being standouts) and couple scattered here

Kid Goes Nuclear On Dad In Monopoly

All about the slumlord strategy.
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