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Angry Baboon Launches Its Poop and Hits a Little Girl Directly in the Chin

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Giant Imposter Pudsey Bear Mascot Photobombs Unsuspecting Mom's Attempt at Cute Picture in Crudest, Sneakiest Way Possible

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This Kid Needs to Own It

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This Paternity Test is Cause for Twerking Celebration!

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If You're the Kind of Mom That Steals Candy From Kids on Halloween, You Should Double Check for Cameras

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J.K. Rowling Finally Puts to Bed Why Harry Named His Kid After Snape

harry potter tweets J.K. Rowling Puts to Bed Why Harry Named His Kid After Snape
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Diaper Packaging WIN

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The Rare Self-Troll

parents who tried to teach their kids life lessons but it backfired | thumbnail Text - pedantic_dullard 611 points · 2 years ago As good people, we taught our kids that littering isn't nice. As humans, we also let some curse words fly in front of them. We were at our city's 4th of July celebration when the oldest was 4. We were walking around and someone tossed their trash on the ground. Captain Litterbug flew into action, picked up the trash and yelled, "Hey asshole, you dropped this," while t

Parents Who Had Life Lessons They Taught Their Kids Backfire In Their Faces

Parents Who Taught Kids Life Lessons, Which Backfired Badly
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Drunk Daredevil Tries Jumping A Grill Using A Sweet Jump, FAILs Miserably

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The Moment a Bear Teaches You That Your Mom Has More Chill Than Everyone

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A quick Tumblr post on kids' various learning struggles | fozmeadows Watching my toddler figure out language is fascinating. Yesterday were stumped he kept insisting there Lego winner" behind his bookshelf turned out be little Lego trophy cup. Not knowing word trophy he'd extrapolated word thing can win And then, just now, he held up his empty milk container and said Mummy s not rubbish s allowed be bottle meaning, effectively want this. Don't throw away But an adult ear, there's something

Quick Tumblr Post On Kids' Language Struggles

A for effort.
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A martial arts academy masterfully shuts down a helicopter parent's review | 2 reviews 2 weeks ago Horrible experience! My son (3 years old) has been going there now three months and everything going great. He loved coaches and really enjoying himself. Then out nowhere Main Guy Bob pulls side and tells my son has been disruptive last few weeks. My son is 3 years old and at times doesn't put his %100 effort but he never disruptive. He acting like every other child his age s unfortunate this place

Martial Arts Academy Skillfully Shuts Down Helicopter Parent

Handled it with class.
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Mom's Facebook post about husbands expecting their wives to do housework goes viral.

Mom's Facebook Rant About Husbands Expecting Wives To Do Housework Goes Viral

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Weep, for You Have Become a Parent Now

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That's One Way to Ring Daddy's Alarm Bells

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