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Outrage of the Day: Utah City Orders Takedown of Kid’s Cardboard Fort

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That Tattoo Artist is a Real Pro

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Child's Toy FAIL

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Definitely Probably Fake of the Day: Mom Interrupts This Rap Genius From Definitely Making the Best Music Video of All Time

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Trust Fall FAIL

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This is Easily the Classiest Way to Respond to a Wrong Text Birth Announcement

win image wrong text birth announcement ends with surprise gifts
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When You're Trying to Have Your 15-Minutes of Fame, But Your 4-Year Old Won't Behave Well On Live TV

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Why Record Your Own Kid at Their Dance Recital When You Could Just Record Their Teacher's Butt Shaking?

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Stories of children's weird flexes.

35 People's Kids' "Weird Flex, but Okay" Moments

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Kids These Days Can't Even Eat Crayons Like We Used To

Kids These Days Can't Even Eat Crayons Like We Used To
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dad accidentally texts son a dick pic

Dad Accidentally Texts Son Extremely Awkward Picture, But the Kid Plays Situation Perfectly

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Kids being stupid and weird | Enormous Earl @enormous_earl 12 tried cheat at poker by pulling some cards out nearby deck nobody looking grabbed 3 kings and put them my hand, discreetly hiding cards replacing. So then there holding out my 5 cards: 3 with red backs, 2 with blue backs | won't let him eat bathroom garbage snapchat of kid crying

Moments that Show the Weird Dumbness of Children

They're not smart.
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Off On Your Own FAIL

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It's a Very Official School Company Letter, Don't Question It Mom

funny fail image little kid tries to forge school letter
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The Struggle When You Hear First the Ice Cream Truck

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The Rare Self-Troll

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