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This is Exactly Why They Have Permanent Records

funny school image little girl describes her super powers and everyone should be concerned
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Child's Toy FAIL

accidental sexy inappropriate parenting toy what - 6579293952
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This Picture Will Shed Some Light on Her Childhood in Therapy Later

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Some Adults Make Me Nauseous Too

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dad accidentally texts son a dick pic

Dad Accidentally Texts Son Extremely Awkward Picture, But the Kid Plays Situation Perfectly

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Instead of a PS4, Santa Brought One Little Boy a Piece of Wood With a Dong Drawn on It

little boy receives block of wood instead of ps4
makeup toddler lying parenting Video - 82519553

How This Toddler Got a Fabulous Makeover, He'll Never Say

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Outrage of the Day: Utah City Orders Takedown of Kid’s Cardboard Fort

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This Big Sister Would Rather Have a Meltdown Than Another Baby Brother

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We Were This Close to the Beginning of the Next Ozzy Osbourne

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Stories of children's weird flexes.

35 People's Kids' "Weird Flex, but Okay" Moments

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When Working With Children Remember, They Can't Follow the Script if They Can't Read Yet

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The Mother of All Family Feud FAILs Has Steve Harvey Confounded

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funny parenting tweets

15 Funniest Parenting Tweets Of The Week (August 4th ,2019)

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These Babies Already Know That FAILing is Hilarious

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Horrible parent expects too much from teacher | just don't want contacting him am not comfortable and will let him know as well. If my child is not on computer is my expectation will call and let know daily don't have time keep up with her and all this work. Again am not her teacher. If going give out zeros expect come here and help her s alI. As much as would love do ma'am is not feasible have 54 students and cannot call parents every student who is not logged on daily avoid any further

Parent Blames Teacher for Kid Not Being In Virtual Class

Cartwheeling through logical hoops over here.
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