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oh god why

bees oh god why Video fail nation - 69338625

Cutting a Tree is Like Opening a Present. A Present Full of BEES.

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There's Bound to Be a Fine Here Somewhere

cars oh god why truck - 7065024768
By Unknown

That Prank Should Scare Away the New Tenants!

creepy oh god why prank fail nation g rated - 7042013696
By Unknown
knife close call oh god why Video - 67720193

How This Incompetent Knife Thrower Didn't Kill His Partner is a Miracle

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Crotch Decimation in 3... 2...

ouch right in the crotch oh god why balloon - 6992311808
By Unknown
military oh god why Video fail nation - 56891649

It Was All Routine Training Exercises Until a Mortar Decided to Misbehave

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cars close call compilation oh god why Video fail nation - 65979393

All of These People Are Lucky to Make it Out With Their Hides

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phobia oh god why Video flying fail nation - 64471553

Some People Have a Fear of Flying. Then There's This Guy.

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A California Bank Robbery Suspect Was "Told by the Virgin Mary" to Eat His Own Poop on the Witness Stand

oh god why crash trains Video fail nation - 61260033

Make Way, Coming Through: In the Battle of Train vs. Truck, Train Usually Wins

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parachute close call oh god why Video - 68770561

After a Parachute Failure, This Base Jumper is Lucky to Be Alive

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Winter is Literally Trying to Kill Us

Via aeyntie

This is KFC's Newest Monstrosity, a Chicken-Wrapped Hot Dog

gross kfc oh god why food fail nation - 8436162560
Via xryanrussellx
tantrum baby oh god why Video crying airplane fail nation g rated - 66753537

What's Worse Than a Long Flight? This Baby Joining You on a Long Flight.

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Hang On, Gotta Feed the Meter

Via foggianism
Damn Nature U Scary hippo oh god why Video fail nation g rated - 67998465

Hippos Are Some of the Most Dangerous Animals in the Wild, and This Video Proves it

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