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Something Tells Me They Won't Want to Take Up That Offer

news irony airplane flying - 8120852480
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Somebody Used a Same-Sex Couple in a Piece About Traditional Marriage!

marriage news LGBT whoops irony - 7047861248
By fastfood (Via Uproxx)

TRUE Happiness is Stealing This

fashion shirt irony funny - 7538415104
By Unknown

Your Honesty is Appreciated on the Road

cars driving irony - 8334253568
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Living Up To Your Occupation's Reputation

bar irony - 7036719616
By Unknown
list social media irony - 535813

The Irony is Too Strong Here, We Don't Know What To Believe

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Diet Plan FAIL

diet irony fast food - 7187559168
By Unknown

Making it Better For The Rest of Us FAIL

irony Professional At Work signs wtf - 5794602496
By Chelsea

Animal Cruelty Investgator FAIL

animals cars irony Professional At Work - 5655802112
By Unknown

What Now?

whoops irony funny fail nation - 7625742336
By Unknown

Probably Bad News: Somebody's Getting Fired!

irony Probably bad News Professional At Work - 5835165440
By MugshotBandito (Via

That Turned Out Well FAIL

for sale irony trailers whoops - 6555309056
By Unknown

Female Empowerment FAIL

fail nation g rated irony Professional At Work school womenamirite - 5893344768
By Miggie_smalls16

Says The Guy With a Lexus in Montana FAIL

cars douchebag irony license plate - 5523484160
By jakevdl

Please Comply With This Nifty Sign, #607

customer service sign irony - 8374863616
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Citizen's Arrest, South African Style

news drunk driving Probably bad News irony police - 6983784192
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