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Having Empathy FAIL

irony Professional At Work signs - 5684589312
Created by Unknown

Brought to You by the Exploding Irony Fireworks Company

fireworks irony funny - 7634832896
Via Laughing Squid

Sign for the Blind FAIL

blind irony post school students - 6524813824
Created by StephanEngelbrecht

You Can't Step Up to This Level of Irony

irony sign wheelchair fail nation - 8170965248
Via Brown Cardigan

"Safe" is Relative

cars irony funny - 7922316032
Created by Unknown

Shirt Choice FAIL

shirt arrest irony - 6793143552
Created by Unknown

And The Guy With "MURDER" Tattooed on His Neck Was Charged With... Murder.

tattoos criminally dumb criminals irony fail nation - 8161005056
Via NY Daily News

It never Fails, Except When it Does

you had one job irony funny sauce - 7734938368
Created by Unknown

Compassion For The Handicapped FAIL

handicapped irony signs - 5679304704
Created by Phanatic4

Made from A-Grade Materials Only

broken irony funny mug - 7668376576
Created by xyzpdq1

Post Office FAIL

irony tax dollars at work usps - 5706096896
Created by Muki

A World of Pure Imagination

sign juxtaposition irony prison funny - 7757967360
Via Reddit

Completely Unexcepted

facepalm irony spelling - 8242833408
Via njt159

Does What it Says on the Can, Right?

can irony - 7245865472
Created by Unknown

Somehow I Don't Think This is Going to be a Big Deal

Via Bad Newspaper

Reading Comprehension FAIL

Hypocrisy irony signs - 5499967232
Created by FarmerTed ( Via )

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