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How Unfortunate

fortune cookie irony fail nation - 8224919552
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Difficult Choice FAIL

food irony Professional At Work - 5988487680
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Meanwhile, in More Ridiculous News...

hotel ice irony funny Probably bad News fail nation g rated - 7902687744
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You Got the Most Out of Your Education, Huh?

cars irony spelling college g rated fail nation - 8194686720
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Lots of Braille FAIL

art blind irony signs - 5913497344
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It's a Shame They Don't Have Protective Eyewear

sunglasses facepalm irony funny - 7802584832
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Probably Bad News: He Should Have Had a Diet Coke

AMERRICA fatty mc fat fat irony Probably bad News - 5843738112
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The Judge Can't Even Believe This Guy's Name, and Neither Will You

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Quality Assurance FAIL

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Fair Warning FAIL

gross irony seagulls warning - 6632992512
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Someone Isn't Very Far Into That Book

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This Man is Named (No Joke) Bud Weisser, and He Was Arrested for Attempting to Rob a Convenience Store

Criminally Dumb Criminal news Probably bad News irony name - 8408627456
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America's Finest at Work

dogs pets irony funny police fail nation g rated - 7559119616
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Time for a Few More Lessons

accident cars irony - 8391364864
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Probably Bad News: Welcome Home!

irony Probably bad News stupid police - 5500348416
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