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Talk About a Worthless Degree

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By beernbiccies

Don't Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out!

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Mint Ingredient FAIL

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By Nublanche

Good News, Northwestern Has a New "Itegrated" Program!

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This Sign is Never Going to Work

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No Better Shirt for a Mugshot

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A Little too Sizzilin FAIL

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By combs23

Lawsuit Waiting to Happen FAIL

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By Nick

You, However, Are in Trouble

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TRUE Happiness is Stealing This

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By Unknown

They Never Said Anything About AFTER Those Five Hours

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Doing Your Job FAIL

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Confused Signs FAIL

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By Steevo9000

Irony: 98 Percent Match Rate!

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By Unknown

Irony FAIL

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By Unknown

Making it Better For The Rest of Us FAIL

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By Chelsea