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When You've Got "F*ck Cops" Tattooed On Your Face, You Should Try Real Hard Not to Get Arrested

funny fail image man arrested with face tattoos that say Fck Cops
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They Were So Close to Their Destination!

cars blind crash irony - 7056715008
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This Man is Named (No Joke) Bud Weisser, and He Was Arrested for Attempting to Rob a Convenience Store

Criminally Dumb Criminal news Probably bad News irony name - 8408627456
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Follow The Leader FAIL

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10 Things That Prove Life is Full of Irony

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It's a Shame You're Not a Photographer or Something

photography irony funny - 7684152064
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Under Arrest for Grand Irony

arrest irony newspaper - 7074800128
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Probably Bad News: That Bitch!

accident animals hunting irony Probably bad News - 5500788224
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Nutrition Facts FAIL

diet food ingredients irony - 5545151488
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Looks Like They're Gonna Need More Than That FAIL

ebay education irony typo - 5411327744
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Jackson County Has its First "I AM THE LAW" Code

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Irony Van FAIL

news whoops van crash irony home fail nation g rated - 6855205888
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This is a Bad Start to Your Fitness Plan

gym fitness escalator temporarily stairs irony funny - 7621734144
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This is Not "Policy Academy," but He DID Just Taze Himself

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Work Out FAIL

nap work out fitness irony Hall of Fame best of week - 6765067008
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Living it Up in a Life of Crime? Don't Tweet About it.

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