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Don't Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out!

door sign irony - 8149481472
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Some Help You Are!

birds irony fail nation g rated - 8227142656
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Sorry, Use Nails Next Time

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Just What You Want to See While Waiting at the Airport

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America's Finest at Work

dogs pets irony funny police fail nation g rated - 7559119616
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Well, This is Ironic

cars fail nation fire fire department g rated irony tax dollars at work wtf - 5842132224
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Somehow I Don't Think This is Going to be a Big Deal

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Probably Bad News: Putting The 'Hyp' in Hypocrite

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Typical Taco Bell Menu FAIL

fast food irony signs taco bell - 5778430976
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Help Harder FAIL

education irony Probably bad News school spelling - 6622399232
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An Idaho Man Wore This While Being Arrested on Robbery Charges. Seriously.

Criminally Dumb Criminal mugshot irony - 8194781184

This Post is Unique and Original

fortune cookie irony funny - 7569734656
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A Little too Sizzilin FAIL

fail nation fire g rated irony whoops - 5836321024
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This Attraction is Not Working as Advertised

sign amusement park irony funny roller coaster - 7802552320
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gym pizza irony Video fail nation g rated - 69438209

There's No Wrong Way to Eat a Pizza, Even When You're Working Out

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Painful Irony FAIL

irony school typo - 6066176000
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