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Making an Ashtray Out of Plastic FAIL

cigarettes fire irony smoking - 5568927744
Created by mezzycheezburger

Treadmill Spokesperson FAIL

exercise fail nation fatty mc fat fat g rated irony Professional At Work - 5764516864
Created by Jules

Ain't That the Truth...

irony funny - 7684093952
Created by Unknown

Paradox For Sale FAIL

paradox for sale what tires irony - 6793142528
Created by Unknown

Setting High Standards

facepalm irony spelling funny - 7520276480
Created by jeremyers1

Is Our Children Learning Their Mathematicals?

irony news spelling school fail nation - 7938329344
Created by Unknown

Probably Bad News: It's What They Do Best

headline irony Probably bad News seems legit - 5796390400
Created by Shana Smith

Prices To Die For FAIL

cemetery irony marketing Professional At Work - 5434917376
Created by AbeRod1986

On Second Thought, Let's Try Another Employer

resume irony spelling - 7047409664
Via Reddit

Nutrition Facts FAIL

diet food ingredients irony - 5545151488
Created by socom2016

Probably Bad News: They Were Just Commandeering a Few Songs

Hypocrisy irony piracy Probably bad News - 5510290944
Via Geek

Classic: Which Is It? FAIL

design door engineering exit genius irony sign - 6592451072
Created by Unknown

I Think It's Safe to Say They FAILed

cars driving irony - 5525528064
Created by Marty Baggen

Some Assembly Required FAIL

chair lazy computer irony - 6746819840
Created by Unknown

Engrish Funny: Me Fail Engrish?

english engrish funny irony spelling - 6581008128
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He Used to be "Doctor" but He Lost His License

irony news names - 8167385600
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