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Gifts For The Blind FAIL

amazon blind irony wtf - 5619423744
By yourcheyness

Probably Bad News: This Can't End Well

irony phobia Probably bad News - 5550961408
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Probably Bad News: Reverse Psychology Never Works

irony oh canada Probably bad News stupid criminals - 6030807296
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Oh, the Irony!

made in china irony flag fail nation g rated - 6981957632
By Unknown

We've Already Failed

pets books food irony - 7534417408
By Unknown

Environmental Service FAIL

business name irony - 5680846080
By Unknown

Using Your Energy FAIL

fail nation g rated irony Professional At Work - 5849031168
By Unknown

Signs, However, Are Fair Game

sign whoops irony - 8433676544
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We Gradddddduated!

irony spelling funny college - 7579577088
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Fight Poison With Poison!

news lady bits irony snake fail nation - 7075515648
By Unknown

I Hope That's Ironic FAIL

blooper innuendo irony typo - 5596636928
By jayhawk_fan_to_the_death

Metaphorical Phrase FAIL

handicapped irony signs whoops - 6018937600
By Sam

Post Office FAIL

irony tax dollars at work usps - 5706096896
By Muki

Heeding The Warning FAIL

bicycle common sense irony stuck - 6048411136
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We're Divining a Bad Time in Your Future

news Probably bad News irony fail nation g rated - 8296294912
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Probably Bad News: Sorry, No Switch Hitters

irony no homo Probably bad News - 5649510144
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