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On the Job FAIL

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Domino Effect FAIL

cars crash fail nation g rated irony - 6069904384
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Oh The Irony FAIL

class irony school weather - 5915502848
Created by CannonDC

It's First, Right?

cars crash irony safety - 8259773952
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Looks Like They're Gonna Need More Than That FAIL

ebay education irony typo - 5411327744
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Clever Advertising, or FAIL?

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We Can Fix ALMOST Anything

sign repairs irony funny - 7753201152
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Watch Your Step FAIL

classic irony signs stairs - 5960409344
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School is so Challenging These Days

school facepalm irony math - 8074469632
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Destined for FAILure

boat irony titanic - 6090535936
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Fight Poison With Poison!

news lady bits irony snake fail nation - 7075515648
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Driving Down Interstate Irony By-Way 5

sign phone texting irony fail nation g rated - 7156231936
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Guess There's a Power Outage?

sign outlet irony g rated fail nation - 8094935808
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Needs More Hot Air FAIL

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Paint Jobs Imitate Life

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Safe Driving FAIL

cars crash irony - 5894247936
Created by Mio