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Yeah, Who's Dumb Now?!

headline editing irony newspaper - 8356349440
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Just Cover That Bit With Some Foundation

facepalm tattoos irony - 8386417664
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Instilling Confidence FAIL

irony school typo - 5717190400
Created by dsyoung1

Somebody Used a Same-Sex Couple in a Piece About Traditional Marriage!

marriage news LGBT whoops irony - 7047861248
Created by fastfood ( Via Uproxx )

Fight Fire With Irony!

firefighters headline irony newspaper fail nation g rated - 8395013632
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Criminally Dumb Criminal irony Video - 63606017

The Song That Plays on This Car Radio During a Failed Robbery is More Than a Little Ironic

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A Woman Wearing a "Won't be Caught" Shirt Stole $1500 in Beauty Supplies.

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Priorities Indeed...

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No Longer A Safe Place FAIL

cars crash irony - 5628143104
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Now You're Just Mocking Us

bugs irony summer fail nation - 8257722624
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Time Magazine Put Donald Trump on Their Short List for Person of the Year, and the Internet Got an Amazing Unplanned GIF

gif Donald Trump named to short list for Time's Person of the Year 2015 and a has to dodge a bald eagle
Via Time Magazine
gym pizza irony Video fail nation g rated - 69438209

There's No Wrong Way to Eat a Pizza, Even When You're Working Out

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Somehow I Don't Think This is Going to be a Big Deal

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Walmart Does Not See the Irony in This

banksy Street Art Walmart irony g rated fail nation - 7937000448
Created by Unknown

Post Office FAIL

irony tax dollars at work usps - 5706096896
Created by Muki

Probably Bad News: You're Not Helping

embarrassing fail nation irony Jerry Sandusky news oops pedo Probably bad News sports - 5558395648
Via NY Daily News