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Clearly We've Found a Defective Model

broken for sale irony g rated fail nation - 8326348544
Via I Heart Chaos
Criminally Dumb Criminal irony Video - 63606017

The Song That Plays on This Car Radio During a Failed Robbery is More Than a Little Ironic

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Probably Bad News: Welcome Home!

irony Probably bad News stupid police - 5500348416
By SushiUrm (Via Yahoo News)

Don't Tell Anyone!

sign irony - 8095084032
Via Reddit

New York Times FAIL, or Obituary WIN?

news new york times obituary irony - 7098654464
By G-Unit1111 (Via MSN)

Probably Bad News: Somebody's Getting Fired!

irony Probably bad News Professional At Work - 5835165440
By MugshotBandito (Via

On the Job FAIL

job lazy work irony police Hall of Fame best of week - 6705775360
By Unknown

Welcom Bcak, Kids!

facepalm irony spelling school - 8314986240
Via Arbroath

This Train is Just 2 Furious

Via Brown Cardigan

It never Fails, Except When it Does

you had one job irony funny sauce - 7734938368
By Unknown

Priorities Indeed...

Via puffin_trees

How Unfortunate

fortune cookie irony fail nation - 8224919552
Via madeinjapan89

Are We Going to Bring Motive and Intent Into This Argument?

news Probably bad News irony - 7234023680
Via Criggo

Follow The Sign FAIL

repairs cars driving irony - 6765069056
By Unknown

Meanwhile, in More Ridiculous News...

hotel ice irony funny Probably bad News fail nation g rated - 7902687744
Via Metro

Do as I Say, Not as I Drive

driving texting irony dangerous fail nation - 8289280512
Via PayneNDiaz
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