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This Bridge is 11 Feet and 8 Inches Tall. All of These Trucks Are Just a LITTLE Taller.

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If You're Going to Steal a Car From a Gas Station, Watch Out For a Flying-Kick

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Pizza Dough + Hot Car = Fluffy Junk in the Trunk

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Those Are Kind of Like Parking Spaces

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Probably Bad News: One Hell of a Game

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Parking is Free on Sundays, Right?

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The Magical Disappearing Mechanic!

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This Isn't What You Want Tom-Tom to Show You

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Watch the Curb FAIL

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On the road to Obvious City FAIL

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Nobody is Going to See This Speed Bump Coming, and It's Going to Ruin everyone's Day

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Peace Out, Highway!

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Somehow There Were No Serious Injuries in This Intense Highway Encounter

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Traction Control FAIL

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It's First, Right?

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No, This Does Not Make a PT Cruiser Any Cooler

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