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You Aren't Driving a Semi, so Don't Try to Run Away From the Tow Truck

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Time for a Few More Lessons

accident cars irony - 8391364864
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Surprise Mud Bath FAIL

cars mud driving dirty - 6824484608
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This Camaro Driver Doesn't Like and Won't Acknowledge This Parked Prius

funny fail gif camaro drives straight into parked prius
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Ha Eating? What?

cars license plate so close - 8306973184
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Bad Ideas 101

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On the road to Obvious City FAIL

cars driving signs - 5823596800
By morganskye
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He Spent a Year Fixing Up This Car, and Only a Minute to Wreck it All Over Again

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Graduating FAIL

cars facepalm graduation irony school - 6597287424
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That's One Way to Avoid Paying a Fare

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FAIL Truck Makes A Dropoff

cars crash headstand highway truck - 5472349952
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The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways

jesus cars - 8763100672
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Jenga Parking FAIL

cars parking wtf - 5913565184
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Oddly Specific: Good Luck With That

cars driving oddly specific signs - 5848776192
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The Traffic Tango is a Lost Art Form That Requires Steel Hips

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Still Better Than Spiderman 3 FAIL

cars disney knockoff made in china Spider-Man - 5586353152
By laura