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How Many Vehicles Can You Fit in... One Vehicle...

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Please Tell Us That's Not the Case

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That Thing's Insured, Right?

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I Must Return to My People FAIL

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It Takes a Healthy Amount of Talent to FAIL Like This

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"The Careful Movers"

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Tight Fit?

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This German Bus Meets its Match on the Road: A Lil' Rascal

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Mind if I Park My Shack on Top of Your Taxi?

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That's One Way to Bridge the Gap

cars driving truck crash bridge - 6926182400
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It's Going to be One of Those Days, Huh?

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How Does This Even Happen??? FAIL

cars parking rock stuck wait what - 5414874880
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Stuck in the Door FAIL

cars stuck whoops - 5887369216
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cars close call oh god why Video - 65368065

This Close Call Took Quick Reflexes and Nerves of Steel to Escape

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Sweet Rail Slide FAIL

cars crash womenamirite wtf - 5844324352
By Greg