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None of These People Even Thought That Jumping Over a Moving Car Would be a Bad Idea

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It's All in the Eyes

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Things Go From Bad to Worse When This Flipped Car Gets Towed

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I Didn't Choose This Affordable Hatch-Back...

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This is Why You Hire the Professionals to do Your Yard Work

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Parking Your Smart Car FAIL

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They're "Racing Slicks"

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You Don't Want to See the Domain

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The Traditional Greeting of the Urban Sedan

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Confusing a Car and a Spaceship, Just Another Day in the Neighborhood

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"What Does the Little 'R' Mean Again?"

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Think This One Through a Little More, Maybe

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That Thing's Insured, Right?

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Car Disposal FAIL

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Somebody Took Revenge for This Parking FAIL

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This Guy's Vision of Class Warfare is Throwing a Rock at a Lamborghini

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