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This Spot Taken?

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Farting Underwater FAIL

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Tumblr users put person in check after they complain about Japanese culture being misrepresented | madmints: takesabeating: cheshireinthemiddle: ginzers: spoopy-roxxi: ginzers: spoopy-roxxi: ginzers: Teach children this is not ok Teach children there's nothing wrong with this really not understanding why think cultural appropriation would be ok, unless are assuming girl picture is part Japanese.

Tumblr Thread: The Value Of Cultural Sharing

Called out.
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Time to Hit the Car Wash

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Just When You Think You're Having a Good Day

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This is Why You Don't Interrupt a Dude in the Bathroom

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Sports FAILure: CBS Shows The Whole World Nick Novak Relieving Himself On The Sidelines

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Matador FAIL

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The Designer Knew Exactly What They Were Doing, but Nobody Else Noticed

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Do What Be, Be Do is Snow

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Confirmed: That's a Durable Board

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These Items Show How Hard it is to Be a Geek on a Really Tight-Budget

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Spinning Isn't the Part That's Going to make Hulk Mad

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Easiest Test You'll Ever Take

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Probably Bad News: Do Makeup and Push-Up Bras Count as "False Pretenses" Too?

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That's One Big Blind Spot You've Got There Now

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