He Makes a Valid Point

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Ouch... A Little Too Real, Bro...

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Sweet Mystery of Nature!

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Oprah Glasses

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HDMI Might Not Mean What You Think it Means

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This Service Ought to be Worth More

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Facebook Game Designing 101

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Columbus Day

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Country Star Sara Evans Has a "Not in My Backyard" Moment Over The Gosh-Dang Television Ruining the Kids These Days

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After Election Night, Some People are Ready to Fast Forward to Christmas and Have Started By Decorating Their Tree Already

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If You Could Just Go Ahead and Watch the Movie Being Referenced... Yeah... That'd Be Great.

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God Bless This Gross, Revealing Nation

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male karen wants tatttoo and is rude | premises last night make booking my partner and myself be tattooed were told NOT POSSIBLE and would not be booked our CHOSEN DATE Tuesday first December. My partner and have been thinking about this tattoo OVER YEAR young man at door terribly curt with us asked speak manager, he told us he OWNER find this very hard believe, as he had large tattoo on side his head would appreciate reply MANAGER ONLY and if this is not my satisfaction will be taking things

Male Karen Doesn't Believe Tattoo Shop Owner, Gets Reckoning

He didn't want to believe it.
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A Proud Boss

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A Tale of Two Weekends

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