Aww shucks!

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Romance and Science Don't Mix

dating romance science - 6322803456
By GodlikeHamster

Dammit, Timmy, You Had ONE Job

Death grandma like share - 6449452288
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What You Did There, I See It

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Basic Vocabulary FAIL

facepalm stupid vocabulary - 4965688832
By pksniper

Just a Thought: Please Don't Share Your Thoughts Again

history wisdom deep - 8414120192
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Don't Undersell Yourself Like That!

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The Daily What: 'Like' We Really Needed This of the Day

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Tell Me My Own Preferences!

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"Pass the Mashed Potatoes, JERK."

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Candidate for a Pullet Surprise

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By gb

Dicey Phrasing

dp soda phrasing - 4945894400


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Dumb Teenagers Attempted a "Purge" Hoax, so of Course Some People Took it Seriously...

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